Other Attractions

In Conversation

During in-conversation sessions, directors, actors and other eminent personalities of cinema world will converse on a various topics, including new filmmaking techniques, scope for youngsters who seek to enter the field, skill-set required for newcomers to survive and changing discourse around women and commerce in cinema.

Co-production: Opportunities and Challenges

In this segment, co-production seminars are organized, where Indian film producers in collaboration with foreign delegates will discuss the nuances of co-production techniques and scope in the world cinema, including country specific and global coproduction case studies, overall discussion and questions & answer sessions.

Following co-production seminars will be organized in various sessions:

  • Indo-Korea co-production seminar
  • Indo-Georgia co-production seminar
  • Indo-Nigeria co-production seminar

4K Films on a Budget: Quark Workshop

An exhaustive workshop is focussed on 4K, for most productions need to shift gears to stay relevant.

The Quark Workshop will be mentored by Nandan Saxena and Kavita Bahl, National Award-winning independent filmmakers and media trainers. The workshop includes Special Session on Edit & Grading.

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion on promoting "Short Films" through new technology, to be presented by Judy Gladstone & Geetanjali Rao.

Technological presentations

Cinema technique experts from several prominent enterprises in the fields will discuss various aspects of new cinema techniques being in fashion in this age of constantly evolving information technology sector around the world. The session includes latest trends in digital cinema and virtual reality, among other significant topics.

The companies participating in the technological presentations are as follows:

  • Real Vision FZ LLC (Think in 360)
  • Qube Cinema (Real Image)
  • Pulz Media
  • Digital Dolby

Seminar on Making Cinema Accessible for "Differently-Abled Citizens" - Curated by UNESCO

The seminar, curated by UNESCO, intends to sensitize the movie professionals and public in general on the experience of visually impaired people and introduce to them the technique of audio-description. The session will be presented by Dipendra Manocha.