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  • "It is a very large International Film Festival with so many sections of cinema as compared to Berlin International Film Festival. In Berlin, the theaters are scattered but in this IFFI, the theaters are in one complex which is very convenient. We (myself and Marta Zamuda the art director and producer of the film,) are very happy to be in this festival. Goa is a beautiful place, we would love to come to IFFI Goa again with my films," Wieslaw Saniewski, Polish Director.

  • I have been greatly fascinated with the Q/A sessions after the screening of the film. There have been very good interactions of the audience with the directors. It is a great festival. This festival has got well acclaimed films from all over the world in various categories besides Master Classes being held by the world renowned film makers. I would rate the IFFI as a very prestigious International Film Festival," Phil Noyce, director.

  • IFFI is very friendly with a different, definite charm of its own. And the Indian ambience! Unlike Sweden where there are no people at all on the streets in the winter, there is so much going on here!" Simon Kaijser Da Silva, director.

  • IFFI is very warm and welcoming with a wonderful selection of films," Michael Bennet, director.

  • Discussions after the films are very stimulating and I have never seen such a passionate audience in other International Film Festivals,” Phil Noyce

  • Festivals like IFFI are a manifestation of human happiness and should be seen as a sharing of India as people gather to share their joys and creativity," Shah Rukh Khan.

  • I am privilege to be honored in a country that has so rich a cinematic culture,” Bertrand Tavernier.

  • This Festival provides a rare opportunity to Indian filmmakers to exchange ideas and lead to greater cooperation with their foreign counterparts," Madhuri Dixit

  • IFFI has been an incredibly positive experience for me, but then I'm biased because I love India (which accounts for 1/3rd of my new book of photographs)," Miclho Menchevski, director.

  • I have been to Rotterdam International Film Festival and find that IFFI is as large as Rotterdam, with the main difference that IFFI has a large number of general crowd apart from filmmakers, which fascinates me a lot,” Spandan, film director.

  • IFFI has to take pride for what it had achieved, instead of always trying to compare itself with Cannes or Berlin. IFFI is already one of the top festivals of the world, but a lot had to be done to take it to the very top. The ambience is good, the selection is very good, and there is no reason why India should not be able to attract the best films from the world over particularly as it has such high prize money." Dan Wolman.

  • IFFI this year is different in its vibrancy, and has a new avatar. Lots of young people are seen and there are more foreign delegates. This year Indian Panorama section has very good films like Trishna, Adwait Sangeet on Pandit Rajan and Pandit Sajan Mishra. They are the value-based archival films, good for younger generation and compelling and engaging. The government of India is promoting such films. But we should have bigger venue and bigger place for IFFI,” Mike Pandey, filmmaker and Chairman of the steering committee.

  • After attending IFFI I feel I should co produce a film with India. I saw some good short films because I believe in independent film making,” Sano Shinju, filmmaker from Japan.

  • IFFI is better than before and is inching ahead. What I like about IFFI is that the right people are appointed and they are trying to make it successful. Hopefully, in a few years to come, IFFI will be the best in the world. I liked the film Artist. It was absolutely a fabulous,” Vidhu Vinod Chopra, director and producer.

  • IFFI is and serves as representative of culture. It is platform where friendship grows thicker. Mumbai and Delhi also can be good venues for IFFI. I liked Bangla film Ghare Bahire very much,” Professor Pioter Klodkowski, Polish Ambassador.

  • I have been attending IFFI for three years and can feel that there is good infrastructure. I have been attending master classes and events and they are impressive. I feel that selection of worldwide cinema is good. I have seen Polish films, the best of the retrospectives and like Mill and the Cross from Poland.” Hugh Welchman.

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